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Console Corner: Disney Afternoon Collection review

That warm, fuzzy feeling inside... that’s nostalgia.

Street Fighter on Switch will have a first person mode

Console Corner: Street Fighter in first person, gimmick or genius?

Rubbish gimmick or the best thing to happen to video games since the return of Micro Machines was announced?

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Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition was released on Friday (April 7)

Console Corner: Bulletstorm back as jewel in crown of a month of classics

It’s not just Disney Afternoon and Micro Machines bringing back some genuine classics to next gen gaming this month.

Important Xbox One accessory recall

Xbox chargers recalled due to safety fears

A range of chargers for XBOX One video console controllers have been recalled by the manufacturer due to their potential to overheat.

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Set aside April 18th for a trip down memory lane with Disney Afternoon

Console Corner: Lazing on a Disney Afternoon

I know you have just read the word Disney and more or less given up reading thinking this is just for kids, well actually this promises to be great news for any of you who grew up in the 80s and 90s.

Owning a car and carrying cash joining things like Yellow Pages and fax machines on list of  increasingly absurd things in modern life

Owning a car and carrying cash ‘increasingly absurd’ in modern life

Owning a car is bcoming ‘increasingly absurd’ as it carrying cash, according to new research.

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Tom Clancys Ghost Recon: Wildlands

Console Corner: Ghost Recon: Wildlands review

Vast and full of promise but a bit of a wasted opportunity...


WATCH: Radio controlled cars tow full size Toyota Hilux in Bicester

These powerful remote controlled cars have shown that size does not always matter by pulling along a huge 4x4 off-road pickup truck in a PR stunt in Bicester.

A new Dawn for the action RPG genre

Console Corner: Horizon Zero Dawn review

New Dawn for the action RPG.

Whetherspoons' free app lets customers avoid the bar and order food and drink straight to their table

Banbury and Bicester pubs launch free app so customers can avoid the bar

Forget queuing at the bar, two pubs in Banbury and Bicester have launched a free ‘Order & Pay’ iPhone and android app, so food can be now be delivered directly to customer’s tables.

One in seven pick their pet based on potential social media likes

One in seven pick their pet based on potential social media ‘likes’

One in seven people pick a cat or dog based on how many ‘likes’ they think their pet will get on social media, a new survey has found.

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Rise of the robots: the jobs set to be overtaken by technology

Rise of the robots: the jobs set to be overtaken by technology

Salespeople, spreadsheet jockeys and, er, journalists will be the first jobs to hit the scrapheap due to advances in technology, according to a leading technology expert.

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The Nintendo Switch hits shops this week

New Nintendo Switch console out tomorrow

Nintendo will launch its brand new console the Switch tomorrow (March 3) to much fanfare.

The new Nokia 3310. Photo: PA

Iconic Nokia 3310 officially relaunched: Everything you need to know

Nokia has relaunched its classic 3310 mobile phone as the tech firm revealed a new line-up in an attempted revamp of the company.

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The brand new Legend of Zelda game is the big launch title

Nintendo Switch launches this week: 8 things to know

New console launches are always exciting even if we have seen a fair share of complete flops over the years, mentioning no names (Mega CD, Atari Jaguar, Sega Dreamcast.... need I go on).

Ghost Recon is going openworld for the first time and it looks great

Console Corner: Ghost Recon goes openworld

The superb Tom Clancy Ghost Recon franchise is set for its first venture into an openworld setting when Wildlands launches next month.

A scarily good return to form for the Resident Evil series

Console Corner: Resident Evil 7: Biohazard review

You can cut the tension with a knife.

Warning to parents over video app after perverts sickening post as school children chat online

Warning to parents over video app after pervert’s sickening post as school children chat online

A warning has been issued to parents nationwide by police today about children using the app after a serious sexual offence was committed in front of a group of English primary school children online.

Full Sky TV service  to be available without satellite dish for first time

Full Sky TV service to be available without satellite dish for first time

Pay-TV giant Sky is to make its full service of 270 channels available without the need for a satellite dish for the first time, as it looks to win back customers who have defected to rivals such as BT.

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Miniature multiplayer mayhem set to return with new Micro Machines

Console Corner: Micro multiplayer mayhem as legend of gaming returns

Ask gamers of a certain age to name their top 10 childhood titles and Micro Machines would feature in most.

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