Bucks County Council: Conservatives retain control

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Conservatives have retained overall control of Bucks County Council following this morning’s election count.

The party has won 36 seats, receiving 41 per cent of the overall vote.

But UKIP have gained six seats with 27 per cent of the vote, making them the second most popular party in the county.

The Liberal Democrats have five seats (14.9 per cent) while Labour are in fourth place with one seat, won in the new Buckingham West division by Robin Stuchbury.

The rest of the seats in the Buckingham and Winslow area remain under Conservative control.

New councillors have been returned to the divisions in the Advertiser and Review region, following the departures of David Polhill (the former Buckingham North seat), Hedley Cadd (formerly Buckingham South), David Rowlands (Winslow), Brenda Jennings (Great Brickhill) and John Cartwright (Grendon Underwood).

The full results are:

Buckingham East: Warren Whyte (Con), 838 votes – elected; John Russell (UKIP), 520 ; Patrick Collins (Lab), 449; Richard Lloyd (Lib Dem), 87.

Voter turnout: 24.4 per cent.

Winslow: John Chilver (Con), 953 votes – elected; Llew Monger (Lib Dem), 841; John Day (UKIP), 461; Jon Harvey (Lab), 160; Mary Hunt (Green), 155.

Voter turnout: 34.5 per cent.

Buckingham West: Robin Stuchbury (Lab), 927 votes – elected; Patrick Fealey (Con), 884; Sheila Sewell (UKIP), 385; Lucy Monger (Lib Dem) 119.

Voter turnout: 32 per cent.

Great Brickhill: Janet Blake (Con), 1,406 votes – elected; Ben Saunders (UKIP), 1051; Julian Newman (Lib Dem); 330 votes.

Voter turnout: 32.8 per cent.

Grendon Underwood: Angela Macpherson (Con), 1089 votes – elected; Dave Fowler (UKIP), 861; Joanna Dodsworth (Lab), 259; Ian Metherell (Lib Dem), 202 and Clare Butler (Green) 189.

Voter turnout: 31 per cent.