Family saved by smoke alarm

Emergency incident

Emergency incident

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A family whose kitchen caught fire were woken by their smoke alarm.

On Sunday, just after 2.45am firefighters from Bicester and Banbury were called to Lilly Close, Bicester after a fire started in the ground floor kitchen. It appeared to have spread from a dishwasher.

Fortunately the family at the property were alerted by their working smoke alarms, and the occupants had been able to evacuate the property and call the fire and rescue service.

The family also had a well-practised bedtime routine of shutting all doors in the property which prevented the fire from spreading, potentially saving their lives.

Four firefighters stopped the fire from spreading in the property and used a high powered fan to remove the smoke.

Watch manager Robert Lewis said: “This incident shows the importance of having working smoke alarms on each floor of your property and to test them weekly.

“They will give you an immediate warning of a fire and allow you to leave before the fire grows. It is also important to have a fire escape plan so everyone in your property knows what to do when smoke alarms go off, and a routine of shutting doors and turning electrical appliances off can make a huge lifesaving difference. Remember the importance of Get Out, Stay out and Call the Fire and Rescue Service out.”