Firemen kept busy as cars ignore ‘Road Closed’ sign

Flooded road near Calvert.'121204M-B060
Flooded road near Calvert.'121204M-B060
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Firefighters are urging drivers not to ignore ‘Road Closed’ signs after being called out to rescue two stranded motorists from the same flood near Steeple Claydon on Monday.

Just before 9am, three fire crews from Buckingham and Winslow went to the rescue of a man whose car was stuck in 10in of water on a section of the road between Calvert and Gawcott that had been closed due to flooding. Firemen wearing wide-area flooding suits moved him to safety.

They were then called out again just before 5.30pm to rescue two men and a boy from a car stuck in the same flood. Firefighters wearing drysuits pushed the car to safety.