Further response from Faccenda on residents’ compensation scheme

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Faccenda,Brackley,vox-pop.Faccenda premises.'090810M-A418

The boss of chicken processing plant in Brackley has issused a further statement following last month’s news that residents were seeking compensation over putrid smells they say came form the plant.

Last month Hugh James solicitors announced they were investigating a civil action under the legal principle of Private Nuisance, and that they were backed by around 50 resident who attended at public meeting about the issue. Andy Dawkins, the plant’s managing director did respond to the Advertiser’s request for a statement at the time, but since he had not been contacted by the legal firm, his response was limited.

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After being officially notified for the legal challenge this week Mr Dawkins issued the following statement:

“Faccenda has been established in Brackley for fifty years and we are proud of our association with the town, where we are, of course a major employer.

“We are very conscious that there are environmental issues which can affect our industry and we work regularly with a neighbourhood Liaison Group, formed by the town Council and supported by ourselves and the Environment Agency, to make sure we are doing all we can to maintain a good environment and support the interests of the community as a whole.

“It is therefore a great sadness to us that a different group of residents has now threatened us with legal action.

“Obviously we are investigating their claims and taking legal advice and while this is going on we cannot comment on specifics, but we will provide an update when we can.”
“Meanwhile, as usual, if any local residents have any concerns they should call our established hotline number on 01280 707713 or contact the Liaison Group directly.”