Interesting times ahead as cuts loom close

A WARNING of the tough times ahead came as one of Brackley’s representatives at county hall addressed town councillors this week.

Speaking at the Brackley Town Council meeting on Monday evening Andrew Grant, who is also an NCC cabinet member said: “It will be of no surprise to anybody here that the item of greatest discussion at county council is the budget funding that is going to be available from central Government, which should have been announced last week and will now be announced next week.”

Mr Grant reminded BTC members that 75 per cent of the NCC budget comes from central Government and that they were facing an unprecedented cut of around £68 million from a budget which is usually around £1bn. Mr Grant said all areas of the community could be affected and added: “This is a significant sum money and all areas of the council’s services are being looked at and the draft budget will be announced next Tuesday. What it will show I’m yet to see but it will be interesting times.”

BTC member Blake Stimpson said the Government grant was tax payers money, adding: “The Government gets its money from us and it’s the people who will suffer in many ways. We are going to find it very difficult indeed.”