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Winslow author and artist Mandy Burton
Winslow author and artist Mandy Burton
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A Winslow author will be signing copies of her children’s book, The Loveliest Loo, at this year’s Winslow Show on Bank Holiday Monday, and promoting the concept of ‘toilet twinning’ at the same time.

Mandy Burton wrote and illustrated the book, about a compost toilet as seen through the eyes of a child. And the fictional composting toilet has been twinned with a latrine in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), through the charity Toilet Twinning, which raises funds for water and sanitation by encouraging people to twin their loo with a latrine in a developing nation.

Mandy said: “Compost loos are all about conserving precious resources. It’s crazy that we in the UK use clean water to flush away our poo when it can easily be transformed into a fantastic soil conditioner, without wasting clean water, chemicals or energy in water treatment plants.”