Bennett’s hilarious farce has cast in gales of laughter

Winslow Players rehearse for Habeas Corpus PNL-140105-093441001

Winslow Players rehearse for Habeas Corpus PNL-140105-093441001

The Winslow Players found themselves in fits of the giggles on Wednesday, at a dress rehearsal for their latest play.

The Players are performing Alan Bennett’s hilarious farce, Habeas Corpus, at Winslow Public Hall from Thursday to Saturday, May 8 to 10. Set in the Wicksteeds’ house in Hove in 1973, the characters move in and out through a maze of mistaken identities and sexual encounters.

Director Derry French said: “It’s such a funny play. I can’t believe how the cast have thrown themselves into it.

“The situations everyone finds themselves in, with people taking their trousers off and false busts everywhere, it’s hysterically funny. We were in gales of laughter.”

Doors open 7.30pm, seating at tables, licensed bar.

Tickets from Jennie Wren’s Tea Room or 07745 223365.




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