Coach thought ‘storm’ had wrecked courts

The damage to King's Sutton Tennis Club PNL-140506-150222001

The damage to King's Sutton Tennis Club PNL-140506-150222001

A tennis club which had its public tennis courts wrecked by vandals must pay £2,000 to mend the damage.

Courts at The Playing Fields in King’s Sutton are regularly used by children and adults at this time of year.

But vandals have put a stop to that by chopping through the fence and tearing down one of the nets

Tennis coach Rosie Clark found the wreckage on Thursday morning.

She said: “It looked like the fence had blown down in a storm.

“One of the fence posts had been taken out of the concrete. It was quite obvious wire cutters had been used and one of the nets had been cut down as well.”

Miss Clark, who teaches all ages on the courts for King’s Sutton Tennis Club, could not understand why someone would do such a thing.

She said: “What did they want to gain? It’s really unnecessary.

“I think it’s more frustration than anything as it’s quite a lot for a small club to pay.”

The nets at the club have only recently been redone and last week’s damage means only two of the three courts can be used for lessons and leisure.

Miss Clark said: “Matches can’t be played and when you’re using two courts for lessons, members can’t then play when they want to.”

Information for residents on the village’s website described the courts as a ‘great asset’ and called the vandals ‘moronic’. It goes on to ask ‘What next? The school? The Memorial Hall? The new play equipment?’

The incident happened between 2pm on Wednesday, May 28, and 9am on Thursday, June 29.

Anyone with information is asked to call the police on 101 and quote reference NP/9386/14.




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