End of an era for Buckingham’s Chandos Cinema

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editorial image

This week marked the end of an historic Buckingham landmark as demolition work finally began on the former Chandos Cinema building.

The building, which started to be bulldozed to the ground on Wednesday, is due to be replaced with a Sainsbury’s Local convenience store by developer Buckingham Maine. Director Roger Ahmed said construction work on the new store will start as soon as the demolition is complete.

He said: “We’re hoping it will be finished in four to five months, then we hand over to Sainsbury’s to fit it out. I’m guessing within six months the store will be open.”

Buckingham historian Ed Grimsdale said the Chandos Cinema opened in 1934.

He said: “I think it was only the fourth cinema in Britain to actually show a talkie. Perhaps because they had new equipment, they were ready for the new era. It was an improvement on the old cinema in the town hall, which had very little ventilation and in the interval they used to come out to spray people with scent.

“The curious thing with the Chandos Cinema is that in the original design it was suggested they put green tiles on the roof to blend into the countryside. I think it would have stuck out like a sore thumb.”




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