Ex-F1 driver takes part in Brackley Soap Derby 2012

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Thrill seekers in Brackley were joined by a former F1 driver for the town’s annual Soap Box Derby last weekend.

Click on this link the Advertiser and Review photo gallery to watch a slideshow of the 2012 Brackley Soap Box Derby.

The rescheduled event drew a large crowd and they were entertained with a variety of different designs as 24 competitors young and old took part in the spectacle.

Slim Bourgudd, who had short-lived F1 career in 1981, came from Sweden to take part in the event and won the ‘Best Prepared Soapbox’. He said: “This is an unbelievable event and really good for the children and the family.

“I remember when I took part in similar events in Sweden, we used a baby trolley as our karts and now you can see all the different designs being brought here.

“It is brilliant for the town and I have not seen something like this in a while. It is great that lots of people have turned up today.

Stuart Kirkwood, committee member of the Soapbox Derby event, said: “From speaking to people after the event, I got the impression really enjoyed it. The weather was a bit chilly and saw that halfway through people were drifting off but I think the event went well.”

The event was postponed in June following adverse weather conditions and was split into two sections, with Doug Peel-Yates winning the adult category and Curtis Bass-Twitchell winning the junior under-15 class.

Nicole Bearne is Ross Brawn’s personal assistant at the Mrecedes F1 team and presented the winners’ trophies. She said “It’s been a fantastic event, absolutely brilliant.

“I think the guys who built the karts spent an awful lot of time and effort putting these things together. And they’ve an incredible amount of bravery riding them down the hill, I wouldn’t get in one.”

And comparing the derby to F1 she added: “I just think the guys who won the under 15 category are on the right track and have the racer’s instinct. You never know one of them could be in one of our cars in a few years time!”

The day was also an opportunity to help promote local businesses, including James Butler of Brackley Wines and Bistro. He was also representing Brackley Round Table, and said: “I have been taking part in this event since it has started and it is great to promote businesses in the town.

“Although we are not that hopeful of the day, it is great for the family and looking forward to it. The Round Table does a lot for charity so hopefully this shows everyone that we can have a laugh too!”




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