Have potholes returned just one week after resurface?

Andrew Storer points out the pothole problem on the A413

Andrew Storer points out the pothole problem on the A413


An organist who travels to church on his bike says potholes are already reappearing on a road only resurfaced last week.

Andrew Storer, 59, cycles from his home in Whittlebury to St Martin’s Church in Fenny Stratford several times a week.

But he contacted the Advertiser after noticing that a new surface laid on the A413 is already starting to disintegrate, exposing pothole traps for cyclists and drivers.

Mr Storer, who is also a full-time carer of his 90-year-old mum, said his 15-mile journeys have now become dangerous.

He said: “It’s absolutely ridiculous – we’ve got potholes which are more difficult to see.

“They’ve tarred and chipped the road but what they didn’t do was anything about the potholes first which are now opening again.

“There’s a multitude of them. Some more serious than others but the potholes are underneath the resurface with nothing to support them.”

Mr Storer said he is able to swerve around the holes because he knows where they are but new road users, especially at nighttime, may damage their car, bike or even themselves.

He added officers at Northants County Council would be ‘patting themselves on the back’ for resurfacing the road but described the work as a ‘purely cosmetic exercise’.

Northants County Council’s interim highways operations manager Richard Woodhouse said: “We have been doing some resurfacing down there but until we have sent someone out there to confirm, we can’t comment.

“It may not be down to council work and this is why we can’t say anything.”




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