Pair launch new initiative to help their high street

James Butler and Mike Cadden launch web based business intitiative

James Butler and Mike Cadden launch web based business intitiative "Back Brackley" PNL-140428-085418009

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Two businessmen have joined forces to bring life back to their high street with a new website.

Mike Cadden and James Butler have launched Back Brackley, a website which will allow local firms to create and promote loyalty schemes and promotions to a targeted audience while allowing shoppers to access those schemes in one place.

Speaking to the Advertiser and Review, Mr Cadden said the idea was to encourage people who lived in Brackley to shop in town rather than travel to larger shopping areas in Banbury and Northampton.

He said: “We want to make it as simple as possible for the shopper. It allows businesses to reach new customers in the local area and allows shoppers in Brackley to give a bit more to local businesses who have reached out to them.”

Mr Cadden came up with Back Brackley just before Christmas and ran it past Mr Butler who thought it was a brilliant idea.

By using the website for their promotions, businesses should be able to see a profile of their average customer, allowing them to better tailor their promotions.

The website aims to make the tools used by larger stores accessible to smaller enterprises.

“If you are going to take on people like Tesco you need the tools they have,” Mr Cadden said. “The high street is going to grow but people will have to adapt and make best use of the technology available to them.”

Mr Cadden has used the expertise he gathered from working at companies such as travel firm Expedia – which he joined the week after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in New York – in putting the website together.

And if Back Brackley is successful, he hopes to roll the idea out to other towns including Buckingham and Towcester.

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