People power wins out over HS2 campaign groups’ right to speak

HS2 editorial image

HS2 editorial image

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Petitioners will now have the right to speak out against the HS2 Hybrid Bill, after the government’s solicitors argued that they should not be heard.

Representitives from Stop HS2 had been told that they did not represent anyone affected by the proposed scheme, so the organisations asked members and supporters to send in letters of support, saying that they did think that Stop HS2 represents them.

In just a couple of days, 237 such letters from individuals, action groups, residents associations, councils and other organisations affected by HS2 were submitted as evidence to the committee, with Stop HS2 continuing to receive many more letters of support after the evidence deadline had passed. In addition, many letters were sent direct to the committee by Members of Parliament and national organisations.


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