Trees topple in Buckingham due to wind and development

Ford Meadow, Buckingham. Trees cut down.

Ford Meadow, Buckingham. Trees cut down. 140215M-C481

Trees have been toppling all across Buckingham for a variety of reasons in recent days.

The heavy rain and severe winds of the past week have had a devastating effect on trees at the National Trust’s Stowe Landscape Gardens

On Friday night, wind speeds of 50 miles per hour were recorded at the New Inn car park, with many trees torn down and uprooted during the night, including the specimen pictured above at the entrance to Stowe School.

Within the Grecian Valley, a sycamore, an oak and a Scotts pine, which are estimated to be 150 to 200 years old, have all been uprooted.

A major clean-up is underway and the National Trust continues to monitor trees and wind speeds.

At the former Ford Meadow football ground, now owned by the University of Buckingham, a row of trees have been felled.

University pro vice-chancellor David Billington said: “The trees have not been cut back for many years.

“Many had become so overgrown that the only option was to cut them down.

“Some were so large that they were causing problems with the park’s floodlights and the tennis club lighting.

“Others were too close to telegraph poles.”

Trees and shrubs also continue to bite the dust to make way for the widening of the A421 Buckingham bypass.

These included a row of 28 native trees between the road and Tesco that included seven cherry trees, two elders, five Norway maples, two alders, three limes and nine oaks.

On the other side of the road, trees at the rear of Meadow Gardens are set to be either cut down or cut back, at the request of residents.

In Maids Moreton, a row of conifers to the rear of houses in Scotts Lane were cut down yesterday, Thursday.




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