UPDATED WITH VIDEO: From karate ‘kids’ to champions of the sport

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Two karate instructors, who have marked 30 years of training, are pushing for the martial art to become an Olympic sport.

Peter Calver, 52, and Chris Wilson, 49, both began learning karate in their home towns of Leighton Buzzard and Liverpool in 1984, just a few months apart.

The two instructors teach at Akeley Village Hall, Brackley Leisure Centre and Towcester Centre for Leisure.

They have also started working with a newly formed body, which is aiming to unify karate in England.

Karate has been considered as an Olympic sport three times in the last 20 years but has suffered due to factions at a national level. It is hoped the new body will strengthen the case for karate to be included in the Olympic Games.

Mr Calver said: “To be involved in some way with the possibility of getting karate into the Olympics is fantastic and very humbling.

“Mr Wilson and I will be contributing in several ways to assist the English Karate Council in becoming the single governing body for karate in England.”

Both instructors have had success in national competition and have taught students who have gone onto national and international level.

Mr Calver runs the Central England Shotokan Karate Association (CESKA) with around 12 clubs in the south Northants, Banbury and north Bucks area.

Mr Wilson is an operational fire officer in Oxfordshire and assists in the running of CESKA.

For more information, visit www.ceska.co.uk or find them on Facebook.




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