Vox Pop: What do you think of suggestions to introduce on-street parking charges?



We asked people on the street what they thought of suggestions to introduce on-street parking charges.

Sue Monro, 65, from Buckingham: “I live in Windsor Park so parking is not a problem. I cannot understand why you would want to start charging the residents. Someone has suggested as residents we have a permit for Cornwall Meadows. I like that idea.”

Neil Howlin, 64, from Buckingham: “I think the town is too small to have parking charges. I think it should be free but on the other hand there are a lot of cars. Thinking back before there was parking charges I cannot remember a problem with parking.”

Julia Kidwell, from Gawcott: “It is annoying people parking on streets like Western Avenue you cannot see either way up and down the road. But if they keep charging people no-one is going to come and buy here. People are going to go elsewhere.”

Peter Muir, 58, from Winslow: “Paying for parking is an added burden for the high street retailer. Parking has become a cash cow. It is a money generator from independent contractors to the local authority. I do not think it can be of any benefit at all.”

David Stevens, 31, from Buckingham: “There are not enough spaces considering the town is growing. There does need to be some free parking in town. If they had not made the first hour at Cornwall Meadows chargeable it would not have been so bad.”




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