Winslow high street’s portal to the otherworld

Lauren Isherwood of The Otherworld Gallery in Winslow.

Lauren Isherwood of The Otherworld Gallery in Winslow. 121024M-D923

An artist who has dreamed of having her own gallery for more than a decade has said businesses need ‘more than one string to their bow’ to survive on a 21st century high street.

Lauren Isherwood started painting 14 years ago when her son was born.

Now with changing family circumstances, and the finances to back her dream, she has opened and multifunctional gallery in the heart of Winslow.

Primarily a space to display her own work The Otherworld Gallery at 10 High Street is also stocked with what she describes as ‘alternative paraphernalia,’ including crystals, incense, jewellery, and candles.

But from the beginning Mrs Isherwood recognised she had to offer more and chose 10 High Street as it also had space she could rent for training and therapy sessions. She hopes future bookings will include meditation evenings, tarot reading and reike sessions.

“That was the idea from the start,” she added: “We wanted more than one string to our bow, and I think it is important for businesses to have more than one way of making money.”

And as with all business location was key. Research showed her the nearest business of its kind had closed leaving a gap in the market. And while she believes those on the fringe of other markets have a growing spending power in all areas, she is delighted at the opened minded welcome from Winslow.

She added: “Winslow is a lovely friendly place and I have been welcomed with open arms. I’ve not done much advertising, but people are finding me and are telling me how happy they are to have something like this on their town.”





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