World Cup rivalry at football-friendly pub

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Friendly rivalry has broken out in a village pub, after staff discovered they are all supporting different teams in England’s World Cup group.

The bets are on at the Royal Oak in Tingewick, in the lead-up to Saturday’s group stage matches.

The football-friendly pub, which runs its own team, Finmere FC, will be showing all the World Cup matches live on its three 40in TV screens.

Breakfast chef Paul Fitzgerald said: “It’s getting really heated for Saturday’s game.”

Mr Fitzgerald, aged 38 – a committed Liverpool fan – is backing Uruguay in the contest, out of loyalty to Liverpool’s talented striker, 26-year-old Luis Suarez.

Landlady Sandra Getman and landlord Tony Diston are staunch England supporters.

And chef Sebastiano Di Valle is backing his home side of Italy.

Mr Fitzgerald said there will be no stopping Uruguay with a player of Suarez’ calibre spearheading the team.

And he added: “After the season Luis Suarez has given Liverpool, Uruguay deserve my support.”

Mrs Getman said: “It’s all good humoured. Italy is a good team but it’s patriotic to support our team.”

Mr Di Valle said: “I support Italy. We won four World Cups. We will have an easy game on Saturday.”

England play Italy tomorrow, Saturday, and Uruguay face Costa Rica.

Mr Diston said: “I’m confident we’ll beat Italy – they’re too old and too slow.

“I’m looking forward to sitting here with my Italian counterpart watching him squirm.”




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