Nearly £40k for town untouched for years

The Piazza in Brackley.
The Piazza in Brackley.
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Businesses, charities, social groups and local authority members have grouped together to take charge of more than £38,000 ring-fenced for Brackley which has sat in a bank account untouched for four years.

On August 8, community leaders met at St John Ambulance Hall in Halse Road to discuss the fund which belonged to Brackley Vision, part of the Brackley Market Town partnership (BMTP) set up by the Government to support economic vitality of market towns.

The Piazza in Brackley.

The Piazza in Brackley.

The meeting heard that when the contract for the project co-ordinator ended so did the management of the fund.

Kevin Dixon, who is a Brackley Town councillor, was at the meeting representing the town’s skate park initiative.

He supported the drive to reform Brackley Vision so the money could be spent and added: “It is a travesty it has been sat there so long without anything being done with it. There had been several attempts in the past to access the money, but it’s almost as if people just lost interest in pushing forward.”

During the meeting there was an agreement to check with South Northants Council about the legalities of accessing the money, but eventually those present resolved to form a grants giving panel which would receive applications from community groups in the town.

Jan Dean of Brackley Means Business chaired the meeting and said the money had been designated for Brackley Town and the community and added: “It is felt that after such a long time, without earning any interest, the £38k now needs to be put to work with correct accountability and be fit for purpose. There is information as to how some of the money was going to be spent, St James Lake, signage in and around Brackley. The prime object is to get Brackley some of the things it urgently needs and bring an air of optimism for the future. There’s so much more that can be done by the people of Brackley working together.”

The BMTP funded the work to form Brackley Piazza, and entrance signs to the town.