Preacher brothers seek help to learn language of Uganda

Tabernacle Christian Bookshop, Winslow. Tom and Daniel Harrison.

Tabernacle Christian Bookshop, Winslow. Tom and Daniel Harrison. 131210M-E456

A pair of Winslow Christians are looking for Ugandan Christians to help them learn the Ugandan language.

Tom and Daniel Harrison are both teaching elders of the Winslow Tabernacle evangelical church.

Tom, aged 36, runs Winslow-based Christian publishing company Rickfords Hill Publishing, and was instrumental in setting up the Teen Cafe at the Tabernacle on Friday and Sunday nights.

His brother Daniel, aged 38, runs the newly opened Christian bookshop, Tabernacle Books, on Winslow High Street.

Tabernacle Books sells evangelical Christian books and Bibles.

Staffed by volunteers, the shop is able to offer 25 per cent off the retail price of all books and Bibles all year round.

Tom said: “Although the shop comes under the publishing company, it’s very much a work of the Tabernacle and it’s staffed by volunteers from the Tabernacle.

“We’re always available for a friendly chat if people are interested in Christianity and want to talk.”

Both brothers visit Uganda once or twice a year and are planning to go there again in January. While there, they travel round churches preaching and teaching the Bible.

And they’re hoping someone can help them improve their command of the Ugandan language, Luganda.

Tom said: “A lot of the younger generation there speak English but the older ones don’t. So every time we preach it’s interpreted into Luganda. Because they’re Christians, they understand the heart of what you’re saying but we have noticed the odd word that’s translated incorrectly.”

Anyone who can help should email Tom at t.harrison@firenet.uk.com or call 07875 080844.




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