Street names to celebrate lace-making past of town

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THE new housing estate near Tesco on London Road, Buckingham, will be known informally as Lace Hill in future.

Buckingham town councillors agreed the name would be a convenient way to refer to the new estate, formerly known as ‘Land to the east of the A413 London Road and south of the A421 Buckingham bypass’.

Lace Hill will not form part of the postal address, any more than Page Hill, Mount Pleasant or Linden Village are official names in the town.

Town councillors had already decided on a lace-based theme for the street names, and this has been accepted by Aylesbury Vale District Council (AVDC)

The developers have selected names from a list supplied by the town council, all referring to local lace-making, which was a major local industry until about 100 years ago, with Buckingham noted for supplying a very beautiful, fine lace.

Names refer to local stitch patterns and lace-making paraphernalia.

Names put forward for approval by AVDC include Catchpin Street, Needlepin Way, Pillow Way, Bobbin Way, Turnside Street and Braid Lane. The final choice of names has not yet been made.