‘Vision’ for eco-town proposals submitted

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Public feedback on plans for the UK’s first eco-town in Bicester have helped to form part of planning documents submitted to Cherwell District Council.

A2Dominion, which is leading the project for 6,000 homes to the NW of Bicester, has now handed a ‘Masterplan Vision and Objectives’ to CDC. According to A2Dominion, many of the comments supported their core objectives while also helping to refine proposals for open spaces.

CDC leader councillor Barry Wood said: “The eco development at NW Bicester is set to create up to 6,000 new homes as well as the associated facilities needed to support new residents. At Cherwell we’ve always been clear that this scheme will be a part of the existing town and benefit everyone - an expansion, rather than an alternative, to Bicester. So this is about creating jobs and integrating with the town, as well as providing homes.”

There public consultation on detailed plans in late spring.