Vox Pop: Should metal detectors be installed in schools?

Paul Simkins PNL-140105-122139001

Paul Simkins PNL-140105-122139001

We asked our readers if metal detectors should be installed in schools – and had a variety of responses,

Paul Simkins, 36, from Stowe said: “I think it would be very intrusive and you would have to implement it delicately enough. You are trying to encourage students to go to school and not discourage them by making them feel awkward.”

Katy Field, 36, from Buckingham said: “It depends on the area. I am not sure whether Buckingham needs it. At the end of the day people need to feel safe that is the main aim of it. I do not think it is something anybody wants to do, but I think it is necessary.”

Liz Hofman, 36, from Deanshanger said: “I have three children one of which goes to the school in Deanshanger where there was a stabbing. I do not worry when my children are at school, I see it as an isolated incident. I do not think it would be necessary, generally.”

Sally Shepley, 35, from Kings Sutton said: “It seems a bit like a sledge hammer to crack a nut. It does not seem like its is an ongoing problem and if someone really wanted to smuggle something in they would find a way regardless. You would hope it would not be necessary.”

Daniel St George, 50, from Buckingham said: “I am a teacher and I think it is a good idea. It should be everywhere. It would make me feel safer. You cannot tell, some areas are good with bad people and some are bad with good people.”




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