Schumacher is looking ahead to the new season

FORMULA 1: Michael Schumacher is confident that the 2011 season will see an upturn in performance from him as the Brackley-based Mercedes Grand Prix team build towards the new season, writes Colin Beckett.

Schumacher’s return to F1 in 2010 was much heralded, but ended up delivering little in the way of solid results. However, as the season progressed Schumacher’s performances behind the wheel convinced onlookers that the seven-time world champion still has much to offer the sport. Technicians at Mercedes are at an advanced stage of development with their new challenger, and Schumacher is looking forward to getting to grips with his new mount soon.

He said: “The car we had in 2010 was not the best on the grid.

“It delivered solid results but was not capable of winning.

“Everyone at the team is now very confident of designs ahead of the new season and both Nico Rosberg and I are keen to show what we can do for Mercedes-Benz.”