Review - Summer Indulgence Day at Whittlebury Hall

Hydroptherapy pool

Hydroptherapy pool

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With the sunshine of summer on the way, what better way to get ready for the season with a special spa package at Whittlebury Hall.

The Summer Indulgence Day comprises of a two course buffet lunch, the full use of day spa and two treatments including an energising express facial and body polish each lasting 25 minutes.

Express facial at Whittlebury Hall

Express facial at Whittlebury Hall

The moment you walk through the doors at Whittlebury Hall, you are struck by the sheer luxury of the venue. After a quick tour of the venue, we slipped into our spa clothes and heading for the jacuzzi. It is such a therapeutic way to start and gets you ready for later treatments. The jets have an almost massaging effect on the body.

Indeed all of the heat and ice experiences are fantastically relaxing, even the bucket of cold water which is great after going into the sauna. Even if if it reminiscent of the ice bucket challenge which was doing the rounds last summer.

It was then followed by the treatments. The first was the body polish and then it was followed by the express facial. Here’s where I encountered possibly the only slightly awkward moment of the whole day where the lovely lady carrying out the treatments asked what my skin care regime was. I am a man, and without wanting to perpetuate any stereotypes, I don’t have a skin care regime. I did mumble something about showing every day and fortunately from this embarrassingly little information, she managed to come up with the right treatment.

However both the body polish and the facial were fantastic, easily taking five years off my face and given that I have just had a big birthday, the vain part of me welcomes the chance to look a little younger.

Chocolate afternoon tea at Whittlebury Hall

Chocolate afternoon tea at Whittlebury Hall

After this, both my friend and I, suitably relaxed headed for the two course buffet lunch. My friend was a vegetarian and we had been warned that there may not be a lot of options. She said to me she was used to it.

However she was pleasantly surprised with the choice that was available. With plenty of cold food and a decent selection of warm food as well. It was all rather delicious and having warm bread to go alongside the lunch was amazing.

After further luxury in the spa, we decided as a finale treat to try the newly created chocolate afternoon tea. Made up of a dark chocolate & salted caramel brownie, white chocolate & pistachio cone, chocolate & orange madeleine, milk chocolate & raspberry tart, warm home baked chocolate chip scones, raspberry preserve & clotted cream and cucumber, ham and mustard and smoked salmon finger sandwiches.

Every slice of this was absolute heaven to eat. We ended up sharing one between the two of us, but oh it felt, wicked and indulgent. And we didn’t regret it. It looked incredibly beautiful and can heartily recommend to all chocoaholics out there.

The price of £79 for the spa day and just under £20 for the chocolate afternoon tea may seem initially scary. But when you consider what you get and the quality of the service, it is well worth indulging and giving yourself a treat for the summer.

To take advantage of this summer Indulgence day offer, available until the September 4. To book visit