Analysis shows house prices expected to rise in parts of Aylesbury Vale

Following the analysis of 12,574 property sales across Buckinghamshire, the strongest and weakest markets in the county can be revealed.

Wednesday, 24th July 2019, 4:33 pm
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The analysis was performed by TheAdvisory, the UK’s oldest consumer advice group for home sellers.

The following ten postcodes are expected to see house prices rise in the next few months:






HP17 (Aylesbury Vale)





HP17 includes Aston Sandford, Bishopstone, Butler's Cross, Dinton, Dorton, Ellesborough, Ford, The Kimbles, Kingsey, Haddenham, Meadle, Nash Lee, Stone, Upton and Westlington.

There are only five postcodes likely to see a drop in house prices in the coming months:






Gavin Brazg, TheAdvisory Founder & CEO said:

“There are numerous factors that can lead to house price drops which are usually symptomatic of each other. When buyer demand in a particular area consistently drops or houses are left on the market for too long (usually because of the decrease in demand), homeowners will often be advised to lower their house price (or their expectations) in order to make a sale. This marks the perfect time for buyers to swoop in knowing they have the upper hand in negotiations and bag themselves a bargain.

“When selling in a falling market, the longer you sit on the market the less you’re likely to sell for. The best way for sellers to strengthen their position in a falling market is to price conservatively from the start and choose a local, trusted estate agent who truly knows the market and how best to position your home within it for a fast sale."