GCSEs: Thornton College headteacher 'incredibly proud of the girls

This group of students have shown grit and resilience, says school

Thursday, 12th August 2021, 5:25 pm
Updated Thursday, 12th August 2021, 5:26 pm

Thornton College students have achieved excellent results in their GCSEs

A school spokesman said: "Our students have yet again achieved fantastic results, enabling them to fulfil their ambitions and we are very proud of them.

"We would like to congratulate all our students and in particular mention a few of those who have achieved the highest grades -Eloise for achieving nine 9s (A**s), Aliyah and Poppy, for achieving eight 9s (A**s) and two 8s (A*s), Betsy for achieving seven 9s (A**s) and three 8s (A*s) and Victoria for achieving six 9s (A**s), three 8s (A*s) and one 7 (A).

Students jump for joy at Thornton College

Ninety-seven per cent of all results were grades 9 – 4 (Pass), 86 per cent were grades 9 – 5 (legacy A** - C), 54 per cent were grades 9 – 7 (legacy A** - A) and 36 per cent were at the highest possible grades 9 / 8 (legacy A**).

Headteacher Val Holmes said: "I am incredibly proud of each of the girls, of their results, their support of one another and of the grit and resilience, which they have developed over the past 18 months during some challenging and unsettled times.

"At Thornton, we did not miss a day of learning and this group of students who have received their results today should be proud of how they continued to access lessons and continued their learning, always with the end goal in mind.

"These results are due to hard work and commitment, and they are thoroughly deserved – well done."

Head of Years 10 and 11, Frances Gabriel, said: "We are so proud of each student, as they have shown such immense determination over the last two years.

"They should be proud of what they have achieved, despite the challenges faced, and commended for the good humour with which they have tackled these."