No more Covid restrictions after July 19, urges Buckingham MP

'Just how much better does the data need to be to restore freedom,' Greg Smith asks Health Secretary Matt Hancock

Wednesday, 16th June 2021, 5:51 pm

Buckingham MP Greg Smith has called on Health Secretary to ensure there will be no further delay to coronavirus restrictions lifting after July 19.

In a debate on the pandemic on Monday, June 14, Mr Smith asked Matt Hancock: "The vulnerable are virtually all double jabbed, the vaccines are working against all variants, eight in 10 of us are believed to have antibodies.

"Just how much better does the data need to be to restore freedom and rescue so many businesses from ruin?"

Greg Smith MP in Buckingham
Greg Smith MP in Buckingham

Throughout the pandemic, Mr Smith has expressed concerns that the government has got the balance between protecting lives and damaging business unnecessarily wrong.

He has also expressed fears in the Commons about the knock-on effect of people not seeking diagnosis because of not wanting to go to hospital, which has led to thousands of undiagnosed cancer cases in particular.