Healer to harness the power of Chequers for free webinar event

A local healer is holding a free online event to help heal the bodies and minds of participants, and the spiritual energies of Chequers.

Monday, 17th June 2019, 11:46 am
Chequers Court in Ellesborough Chequers Court in Ellesborough, Buckinghamshire, England Picture: Stephen Simpson PPP-170808-101631001

Martin Jones is holding the free session online on Sunday, June 23 to register go to -https://zoom.us/meeting/register/e4f803f5

And he claims that the sacred site along the Ridgeway is a perfect focus for healing, due to the shape of the area which resembles the ancient ‘chalice’ and ‘prayer’ formations.

He said: “I’ve worked a lot with healing energies at Chequers and not many people know, but there is actually a sacred site there. This session is a way for people to heal themselves and also to help heal the earth.”

The event, which participants can access from their home computers, is a about learning meditation, healing yourself and working with earth energies.

All of the Ridgeway is accessible to the public, except the part at the Chequers site. The Ridgeway is an ancient pilgrimage route to Avebury and Stonehenge and it gets a lot of it energy from people walking it. Martin mused that this lack of connection with humanity could even be having a detrimental impact on UK politics.

He said: “For me that energy at Beacon Hill evokes a feeling of that kind of right and proper governance from Arthurian times. It’s interesting that Chequers is on this site. It is also interesting that the whole of this site makes the shape of Chalice which is an emblem from those times and myths “the holy grail” Also that the house at Chequers is at the centre of the chalice and the internal roads at Chequers make the same shape of this Chalice, pointing in the same direction and linking with the church.

“As the sacred site is sealed off to the public that could impact on Parliament. If the energy was healed and people could walk this site again, that may change things in Government making it more natural, more for the people and not for the interests of big corporations.”

You can find a picture story showing Chequers Sacred Site and register for the event by visiting: http://www.holographic-breathing.com/3/index.php/free-webinar-working-with-the-healing-energies-at-chequiers