The most popular fast food in Buckinghamshire - and how the rest of the UK compares

Whether you’re devoted to Domino’s or a Greggs fanatic, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to ordering a takeaway in the UK

Tuesday, 17th November 2020, 1:22 pm

There are around 60,000 takeaways across the country to choose from, according to official Food Standards Agency data.

So if you want to give the kitchen a swerve tonight and are looking for some inspiration, we’ve crunched the numbers to exclusively reveal the most popular takeaways in Buckinghamshire and around the UK.

What’s the UK’s favourite takeaway?

The most popular fast food in [local authority] - and how the rest of the UK compares (Photo: Shutterstock)

The most popular takeaway across the UK is Subway, which came out on top with over 1,100 branches.

That was followed by Domino’s with nearly 1,000 branches.

If you want to know what people in different areas of the country are chowing down on you can explore our interactive map.

What’s the most popular takeaway in Buckinghamshire?

Our analysis only includes businesses classed as a takeaway or sandwich shop on the Food Standards Agency database.

The database is updated by local authority environmental health teams, who often class some well-known eateries – including McDonalds and Greggs – as retailers or restaurants rather than takeaways.

Our ranking is based on the number of branches in Buckinghamshire – it isn’t taste tested, so you’ll need to be the judge of that when you order in today.

The top 12 takeaways in Buckinghamshire are:

Domino's Pizza



Pizza Hut

Peri Peri Original

Papa Johns

Pizza Go Go

Farmhouse Pizza

The Codfather

Herbies Pizza

One 4 Six