New £50 note featuring Alan Turing arrives in Bletchley today

Local people are the first outside the City of London to get their hands on the new bank note commemorating the famous Bletchley Park codebreaker

Wednesday, 23rd June 2021, 11:08 am
Updated Wednesday, 23rd June 2021, 11:10 am

With the release of the new £50 note on Wednesday, June 23, Bletchley Post Office is the only place outside the City of London today where the new cash can be seen by members of the public.

The note, which bears the face of the legendary Second World War codebreaker Alan Turing, has been specially delivered to Bletchley Post Office to commemorate the work done by Turing and his team at Bletchley Park that was so critical to winning the war.

Bletchley Postmaster Ahmed Butt said: “It’s great that the town’s residents and visitors can get their hands on the new £50 note at our Post Office before it goes into wider circulation across the rest of the country.

Bletchley Postmaster Ahmed Butt with the new note

"Many of my customers feel more comfortable dealing in cash and the great news is that anyone with the old £50 note can still come into Post Offices and deposit them into their bank account, even after the old note is withdrawn by the Bank of England.”

The Post Office network maintains more than 11,500 branches, with 99 per cent of the population living within three miles of a branch. On average, over £2 billion of cash is withdrawn and deposited every month at Post Office branches. The Post Office recently launched a campaign to ‘Save Our Cash’ at in order to ensure widespread access to cash, including this historic new Alan Turing note, across the country.

Amanda Jones, Retail & Franchise Network Director at Post Office, said: “We’re so pleased that Bletchley Post Office is one of the first places to have the new £50 note today.

"What happened less than a mile away at Bletchley Park helped end World War Two and Alan Turing played such a pivotal role as a codebreaker.

"It’s a fitting tribute that he’s the face of this new note.”

The note will be available nationwide from Thursday, June 24.