Murder grips The Chrysalis

Moral dilemmas in Bonaventure
Moral dilemmas in Bonaventure

Tread the Boards Theatre Company are back stage-stepping this week, with their summer production, Bonaventure.

Take your pew and let the reliable Milton Keynes-based collective transport you back in time to 1947, exploring some of the deeper themes relating to post-war Britain, an era when the act of murder was still punishable by death.

So to the plot we go: ‘A fearful storm lashes an isolated Norfolk convent.

The nuns provide sanctuary to those in peril from rising flood waters – but one stranger harbours a deadly secret.

As telephone lines fail and the convent is cut off from the outside world, Sister Mary must do battle both with her own demons and a very real demon within.’

Bonaventure was penned by Charlotte Hastings, and signals the TTB debut of several new members.

“I’m delighted that a number of our performers will be treading the boards for the first time with this production,” says director Shirley Jones.

“We take pride in helping adults who are new to drama and stagecraft to get their first chance to see what they can do with a view to developing their acting skills further.”

Discussing the piece itself, she says that the work, which was made into a film, is far more than a simple whodunnit.

“It asks us to consider our attitudes to moral dilemmas, the role of authority and whether it is always best to let sleeping dogs lie.”

Performances of the gripping play are on Friday night at 7pm, and on Saturday at 2.30pm and 7pm, at The Chrysalis Theatre in Willen Park.

Tickets are £8.50 (with a reduction of £2 for concessions).

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