New exhibition for MK Gallery

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A new exhibition is unveiled at MK Gallery on Friday, and it is works by Andrea Buttner that go under the spotlight.

Andrea, who splits her time between Frankfurt and London, studied art, art history and philosophy, and three years back completed a Phd on shame and art at the Royal College of Art in London.

Widely exhibited, her creations make use of a wide range of media - reverse glass painting, sculpture, woodcuts, screen printing, video and performance.

Andrea is interested in social movements, systems of value and examining the relationships between poverty and shame.

Judgement and vulnerability are themes explored through her creativity.

Last year, an installation of screen prints, video and sculpture was a certified highlight at dOCUMENTA, a five year survey of international contemporary art.

The installation looked at a sisterhood of nuns who manage an arcade in a small amusement park near Rome.

The MK G show will re-create the installation, and also pull together various other works that have been produced over the past 10 years.

In keeping with the Gallery and its desire to lead the pack, not follow, these pieces are being shown for the first time on these shores.

As ever, admission to the gallery in the Theatre District, is free, and the show will carry right the way through to June 16.