Perfect alibi: Band’s new album digs deeper

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INDIE rockers alibi tom are set to release a new album via a Bicester label after a period of soul-searching led to a more profound, cohesive sound.

The first single Now Like Then is due to be released on February 28, and will be available to pre-order in coming days. Alibi tom, from Gothenburg in Sweden, have been signed to the Bicester-based independent label LEON music art fashion since 2008, and were featured on BBC Oxford and Steve Lamacq’s Radio 6 show following the release of the debut album Scrapbook.

After a quest for inspiration, the band returned one member short, but with a new eagerness to create. The eclectic offerings of Scrapbook have been pared down and refined for the new album This Sleeping, with material mainly recorded live in rural churches to create a living, breathing pop sound.

When writing began, the band’s bass player Martin D Pedersen left and Markus, one of two guitarists, moved abroad for a while.

“The new set-up led the band to a ‘less is more’ approach as we had to deal with new ways of working through the material and was part of the new direction we took as a band,” said band member Joel Göranson.

He added: “It’s hard to tell whether it’s the natural progress brought on by time that’s changed us as individuals and as a group, or if it’s a different group dynamic altogether.”

Guitarist Markus said: “I no longer see myself as one of the band’s guitarists, but more as a part of the whole unit that a band is.”

The new album This Sleeping will be available digitally from March 14.

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