A creepy but worthy successor coming to PlayStation 4

Inside is a worthy successor to the hit puzzler Limbo
Inside is a worthy successor to the hit puzzler Limbo

Good news for fans of spine-tingling, creepy puzzle platformers this week... because Inside - from the creators of the equally creepy Limbo - is coming to PlayStation 4.

It had been assumed Inside was an Xbox One exclusive but a new trailer has been released which reveals Inside will launch on PS4 on August 23rd - the same day as Deus Ex.

Inside was released on Xbox One and PC in June and received positive reviews as it was hailed as a worthy follow-up to the hit game Limbo.

Inside sees the player control a young boy in a monochromatic landscape, solving environmental puzzles while avoiding death in a 3D sidescrolling fashion.

The atmosphere, theme and visuals are very similar to Limbo which is no bad thing.

The creepy puzzler only allows the gamer to use splashes of colour to highlight parts of the environment.

You will walk, run, swim, climb and use objects in the environment to progress in the game.

As you progress the boy gains the ability to control lifeless bodies to complete certain puzzles.

Of course the whole thing is done with the ever-present threat of your impending doom.

The boy can die, including if some puzzles are not completed fast enough, such as being shot with a tranquiliser dart by hunters, caught or eaten by dogs, or drown if kept underwater too long.

Like in the critically-acclaimed Limbo, deaths are accompanied by gruesome animations and sound effects, and the game continues from the most recent checkpoint.

Playdead studios knows it is on to a winner with Inside having seen the game earn an average review rating of 9/10.

Inside was named “Best Independent Game” of E3 2016 in the Game Critics Awards so it comes with real pedigree and is sure to be as satisfying as it is eerie.