Console Corner: Deadlight Director’s Cut review

The graphics, lighting and backgrounds are stunning in Deadlight
The graphics, lighting and backgrounds are stunning in Deadlight

A rare treat for Prince of Persia fans.

Fans of games like Prince of Persia and Limbo are in for a real treat after the release of Deadlight: Director’s Cut this week.

Initially released on Xbox 360 and PC back in 2012, Deadlight: Director’s Cut is essentially a HD remaster of the original game and it really is a case of back to the future.

From Spanish developer Tequila Works, Deadlight takes the form of a classic 90’s side-scrolling platform game and will instantly remind any gamers active in that era of the likes of Prince of Persia and Another World.

The storyline is pretty old hat, it’s another zombie fest. The game is set in Seattle in 1986, 145 days after the outbreak of a virus that brings back the dead.

Deadlight looks beautiful for want of a better word.

It encapsulates the haunting shading and lighting which made Limbo such a hit but with its new-found HD gloss it really kicks up a notch into the next gen era with aplomb.

The backgrounds in Deadlight are the crowning achievement and the inverted concept really makes gameplay and the visuals interesting.

While it is a thoroughly enjoyable experience, the game is extremely short and takes between four to five hours to complete.

It is easy to get into and has an intriguing storyline, even if as mentioned it is a slightly tired zombie yarn.

The puzzle element of the game is a real success too and evokes memories of those epic original Prince of Persia titles.

The main flaw comes in the gameplay, though.

Some sticky controls make for truly frustrating play at times with repeat deaths in the same spot due to delays after button or direction presses.

Once you get to know the gameplay quirks and adjust accordingly, the Deadlight does start to show off supreme potential which due to the short completion time and control issues is not quite realised in full.