Thumbs up for Winslow’s new playground

We asked parents what they thought of Winslow’s new play area on Elmfields Gate

Glenys Warlow, from Winslow, was with her granddaughter Niamh, aged six. she said: “I think the town council’s done really well. I particularly like the fact it’s divided into areas for littlies and the big ones. I like the safety surface.”

The playground at Elmields Gate, Winslow.

The playground at Elmields Gate, Winslow.

Childminder Susan Dovbenko, from Winslow, who was with her granddaughter Alanna, aged three, and three other children, said: “I think it’s a big improvement, especially this bouncy surface. There’s a nice range of things for children to play on.”

Winslow childminder Jude Attwater, who was with six children aged from two to nine, said: “The older ones don’t have quite as much to do but for the smaller ones the surface is brilliant. We’ve been here every day for the past week and a half.”

Janet Briars, from Winslow was with her three grandsons aged from five to nine. She said: “It’s the first time we’ve come up to see it today and it looks pretty good, but it is for the younger ones. It needed updating and it looks much tidier.”

Daniel Turns, from Winslow, who was looking after his nephew, Edward, aged four, said: “I think it’s an improvement. There’s a lot more space and the rides are a lot better.”