24 nations take part in ‘UN’ debate

Mock UN debate at the University of Buckingham PNL-140925-180130001
Mock UN debate at the University of Buckingham PNL-140925-180130001

University students from 24 nations took part in a mock-United Nations debate on the crisis in Gaza.

The University of Buckingham held its first ever mock UN Security Council session on the crisis between Israel and Palestine at the Radcliffe Centre.

Students of 24 different nationalities including Nigeria, Norway, Japan, Pakistan, Israel, The United States and Malaysia represented their countries to decide where they stood on the issue.

The session was organised by Pakistani law student and head of the Model UN society, Syed Ahmed Shah, who has been involved with model United Nations since 2008.

He is also the permanent representative of Pakistan in the UK Youth Parliament as well as Canada Youth Parliament.

He said: “As the university has students from over 80 different countries, I thought this was a great opportunity to see if I could start this society and make it more vibrant for anyone to participate in the United Nations.

“Our voice counts. We are youths. We are the future.”

Syed organised the emergency council session after seeing the events in Gaza.

He said: “We cannot imagine the pain the people in Gaza are suffering. They are not getting their everyday human rights which they should receive.

“Our society is a member of the United Nations Association of the UK as well as the UK Youth Parliament so I believe our resolution counts.”

All parliamentary procedures were followed in accordance with the United Nations Association UK (UNA-UK) during the three-hour session in the Radcliffe Centre, which was packed out.

The outcome was that a UN humanitarian force should mediate an Israeli exit from the Gaza strip to avoid favouritism. UN humanitarian forces should also maintain strict borders between Israel and Palestine but, most importantly, that aid should be provided in getting Gaza’s infrastructure back up and running.

The resolution was forwarded to the UNA-UK, who may consider sending it to the United Nations.

Syed plans to take a delegation of six to The Hague international conference in December, where people from 90 different countries will represent a different committee such as the World Health Organisation, the UNHCR and others.

He also aims to run another UN session for next term, most likely on the crisis in Ukraine.