‘A beautiful film about love, death and kindness’

The Book Thief. Review by Helena Kealey

I fully expect the UK to suffer another economic crash, as we all give up our jobs to become novelists, following the release of The Book Thief.

This is the story of a young girl, Liesel (Sophie Nelisse), taken away from her communist mother in Nazi Germany and placed in the hands of Hans (Geoffrey Rush) and Rose (Emily Watson), two kindly, childless Germans.

Hans, who bleeds affection and kind smiles, teaches Liesel to read the only book available, The Gravedigger’s Guide To Burials. He paints the cellar with a form of blackboard paint and the two of them begin a giant thesaurus.

The more Liesel grows, the more she reads. The books she steals and the people hiding in her cellars help her turn into a considered, intelligent and generous young woman.

The film is about love and its relationship with death, and the importance of kindness, creativity and learning.

It is a beautiful story.

Write your resignation before you go to the cinema.

You’ll be needing it.