A packed house for US intelligence expert

Mike Rogers
Mike Rogers

A lunchtime talk by a US intelligence expert and possible Presidential candidate drew a capacity audience.

Students ended up sitting on the stairs on Friday, as Buckingham’s Radcliffe Centre brimmed with townspeople who’d come to hear US congressman and intelligence chief Mike Rogers.

Mr Rogers, who chairs the US Congress permanent select committee on intelligence had been invited to speak by the University of Buckingham’s Economics and International Studies department.

He spoke about the importance of America and Britain standing firm against terrorism globally and made reference to the situation in Syria, Iraq and The Ukraine as well as talking about recent acts of terrorism in Ottawa and New York.

The 40-minute talk, entitled Secret Intelligence - The Problem Of Knowing Things Others Can’t Be Told, was followed by a question and answer session.

Asked by a member of the audience whether he would stand for US President, Mr Rogers did not affirm, but did not deny, the possibility.

In his talk, the congressman said he felt ‘right at home at the University of Buckingham, having himself attended a small, liberal, arts college in America.

He said: “I can’t tell you how honoured I am to be here.

“The university makes all the humanities alive, life science comes alive and I understand you are getting a new medical school – pretty exciting.

“The power of private instruction is alive and well and I want to thank you all for the courage and commitment to keeping it alive and well.”