A perfect gift for Christmas - our brand new website!

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The University of Buckingham has decided to improve its online presence by overhauling the website to make it more appealing and by communicating crisply and clearly what makes Buckingham a great place in which to study.

The visual emphasis is on people rather than on buildings and we have chosen a simple design so that it looks modern and easy to use as well as being easier to edit and update.

We have been busy choosing the best photographs to decorate the pages and to give the best impression of the university and its students.

We hope you will agree that the design is modern and fresh, while still communicating the traditional, sometimes quirky, quality of Buckingham.

The web team, IT services and marketing have been working over the last year to develop a new site with the help of Oxford-based company, OneLtd.

Our work has been based on a thorough analysis of the sites of our global competitors and on existing good practice in web design.

Every page has been reviewed and much of the copy has been slimmed down and made clearer and more consistent.

We were very keen to hear what past and future university students thought of the site and testers including our alumni, and Year 12/13 students from the Buckingham School and The Royal Latin School. 

All responses will be entered in a prize draw for a Kindle and the winner will be announced in the New Year.

Feedback so far:

“To say that I am very happy to see the new Buckingham website using Wordpress is an understatement. I’m overjoyed, really. I think it’s a great move and a right choice. Well done Buckingham web team! I can see the website now is fresher than ever, simple yet elegant”

“Excellent website with a lot of relevant info (if not too much). Perhaps you could post some film images (e.g. of accommodation, lecture halls etc).”

“The photography work done is super fantastic. Gave me very good memories…Brilliant Stuff!”

“I really liked the fact that the site was built using modern web standards that enable it to work on mobile devices such as the iPhone and iPad”

“Overall excellent presentation - colours - typeface - layout etc v. good. A huge improvement on current.”

“I like it’s style, simple and slick and promotes that Uni-Village feel, that is Buckingham.  Very informative and even for a luddite it’s easy to navigate. You’ve brought the university culture (as I remember it in 1991) to the web.  Well done”

“Keep it up- love all the new changes but cherish the beauty of the place, people and that wonderful closeness only Buckingham can make you feel at home.”

We hope that you will take a look at the new site once it is launched and give us your thoughts. Please log on to: http://www.buckingham.ac.uk/

This is an on-going project and there will be regular updates to keep the site looking fresh and appealing to potential students and friends.

From everyone here at the university, we would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.