Abthorpe stumped as mobile phone mast is switched off

Orange mobile phone mast in Brackley Lane, Abthorpe.'130116M-B183
Orange mobile phone mast in Brackley Lane, Abthorpe.'130116M-B183

Abthorpe villagers have contacted their MP after an Orange mobile phone mast in their area was switched off – leaving some residents without a signal.

An email has been sent to South Northants MP Andrea Leadsom asking for her help after the mast in Brackley Lane was switched off without notice around New Year’s Day.

Villager Christina Cunningham, who works from home and uses her mobile phone for business, contacted Orange after her signal disappeared without warning.

But she was surprised at the message she got in reply, which said: “Due to work being completed on the whole network across the UK some masts are being removed.

“The mast nearest Abthorpe will not be switched back on or replaced.

“Due to this your coverage will not change in the immediate future.

“If you have totally lost your service due to this, then this would need referring to our technical support department for further investigation through the Customer Services Team. They will advise you on the options, and if the accounts can be cancelled due to this.”

The Orange representative said he could appreciate her disappointment, and apologised for not being able to offer a solution to the problem.

Mrs Cunningham said the loss of mobile phone signal had just been an inconvenience for her, but said she knew of a farmer in neighbouring Slapton who had relied on her mobile to run her farm and her bed-and-breakfast business.

This week, an Orange spokesman said the company was aware of the situation in Abthorpe and was looking into the problem.

Villagers have said many switched to Orange after the mast was installed because the signal was so much better than that of its competitors.