Abuse charity relaunched

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A charity supporting both male and female victims of abuse and was re-launched yesterday, Thursday.

Clean Slate, based in Upper Heyford, aims to help those who have suffered domestic or child abuse as a as well as people who suffer from mental illness.

The organisation, which operates from 572 Brice Road, is run by volunteers who offer support and access to services for young people and adults.

Project manager Nadia Brown said: “In terms of women’s health we know that a lot of abuse has come from males who are suffering from the effects of abuse and violence in the past. We need to tackle sexual abuse and domestic abuse from both sides. Empowering men and women to respect themselves and others.”

Clean Slate is a collective of four services which operate in the Cherwell area. The story began with Eve Women’s Wellbeing Project, set up in 2009, specifically aimed at women helping women. Eve - which spells out Every Voice Equal - was soon asked to support younger women and so, in 2012, Believe was founded. In 2013, two pilot projects targeting young men and adults males, Adult Male Outreach Service (AMOS) and Talking Young Men (TYM) were added.

The organisation had identified a ‘serious lack of support’ for men and young boys in the Cherwell area and launched the new groups to address this.

Ms Brown added: “In the last three month we have seen one successful suicide and two attempted by three young males within five miles of our project.

“Our project aims to get young males and adult males talking as individuals and in groups. It is proven that talking therapies are the best remedy for all kinds of mental and emotional illness.”