Accident fears in residential street

Mike Duncan, left and Dave Chambers,of Sandhust Drive
Mike Duncan, left and Dave Chambers,of Sandhust Drive
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A Buckingham resident fears an increase in the volume and speed of traffic on a town road is an accident waiting to happen.

Gawcott Road resident David Chambers said the incidents on the narrow residential street have increased over the past two years and worse could be yet to come.

Mr Chambers said: “We’ve had problems with people parking in the entrance to Sandhurst Drive and so we went to the police, the council, and John Bercow MP about it.

“The police issued every parked car with a ticket that said ‘do not cause obstruction’, which has been effective. But the traffic has become absolutely appalling. Drivers seem to try to avoid the traffic that stems from around the Tesco supermarket and use the Gawcott Road as a bypass to get through to town, but they will not give way to other motorists.” The speed at which motorists travel down the street is also a concern for Mr Chambers, who added: “Not long ago I found a skid mark of 24 metres long, I just wonder what speed that vehicle was going.”

Mr Chambers also had visitors to stay recently and their car was hit by a vehicle coming down the hill.

Following these incidents Mr Chambers is appealing for something to be done u before a serious accident occurs. He believes there is not enough to deter people from speeding down the narrow street, and a flashing speed sign or road bumps would help to deter speedsters and relieve the heavy traffic flow.

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