Accusations at care home are ‘untrue’

GV of Clare House Residential Home,12 Whittlebury Road, Silverstone.
GV of Clare House Residential Home,12 Whittlebury Road, Silverstone.

A CARE home owner in Silverstone has said accusations of mistreatment were ‘untrue’ after being cleared by the Care Quality Commission.

Atul Popat, owner/manager of Clare House care home, said a relative of a resident made the accusations about care at the home.

Mr Popat said the Care Quality Commission re-inspected the home last November following complaints in the summer that patients were being locked in their rooms overnight.

Although the inspection did find shortcomings in record keeping, it could not substantiate the accusations after speaking to staff, patients and their relatives.

The 25-year-old home has been run by Mr Popat for 14 years. He said: “I have never and will never lock someone in their room

“The local authority will confirm we had to take relevant steps to contain an infection and they were happy with what we did.”

Mr Popat said staff were compassionate and well trained and that concerns highlighted by the CQC had been addressed.

However he is waiting for a report recognising the steps taken to improve fire risk management.

Mr Popat added: “It is fair enough people making claims but they have to be able to prove they are true.”

The CQC report said service users were supported well by staff and added: “We spoke with three relatives of residents who said the care at Clare House was good and they had no complaints.”