Advice issued on staying safe during a heatwave

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Advice on staying safe during the current heatwave has been issued by Bucks County Council today.

The council, which now has responsiblity for public health, has released a new flyer which sets out the top tips for staying safe in the heat.

Extended hot weather can be especially difficult for older and vulnerable people, and the county council has also issued advice to all those in social caring roles on how to advise and support vulnerable people in these conditions.

Additional advice is also being sent directly to those who receive adult social care, letting them know how to go about getting help if they feel unwell due to the heat.

Patricia Birchley, councillor for health and wellbeing, said: “In recent years, we’ve become rather unaccustomed to extended periods of very warm weather, and we need to remember that these conditions can involve health risks, especially to the elderly and vulnerable.

“Not only should we take sensible precautions in looking after ourselves and our families, but it’s a time to be aware of elderly and vulnerable neighbours, and maybe check on them if you think they may be suffering in the heat.”

Advice on the leaflet, which can be viewed here, includes:

> Stay out of the heat – especially during the hottest part of the day. If you’re out, keep to the shade, wear a hat and light, loose clothes;

> Cool yourself down – have plenty of cold drinks, eat cold food such as fruit or salad, and sprinkle yourself with water if the heat gets too much;

> Keep your home cool – keep the bright sun out with curtains or blinds, avoid using power if possible, and keep bowls of cold water around the house.

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