After three years of campaigning ramp to help disabled people returns to Buckingham

After three long years of campaigning funding has finally been found to restore a disability friendly ramp in Cotton End, Buckingham.

Saturday, 10th March 2018, 8:45 am
Jim Jones at the foot of the ramp in Buckingham - picture taken in 2015 before the ramp was removed

But Jim’s daily jaunt was scuppered when developers Barratt Homes replaced the ramp with steps during landscaping works, meaning that Mr Jones - who used a walking frame, and other less mobile residents could not negotiate the obstacle.

In 2016 Barratt Homes said that they were considering reinstating the ramp - but that because the site was on private property residents would need to be consulted first.

Buckingham Town Council - and town and county councillor Robin Stuchbury took up the cause, as well as Jim’s family - and after three years of hard campaigning Aylesbury Vale District Council has approved funding for the works.

But the news is bittersweet for Mr Stuchbury - who lamented what a shame it was that the works could not have been completed before Mr Jones’ sadly died last year.

He said: “It is really sad that we never achieved this while Mr Jones was alive, that will always remain a regret.

“This is a result of a combined effort from the town council who really lobbied on it.

“It has taken us three years, and another regret is that it has taken this long - but despite that, in the end the right decision was taken in the end. After a long and eventful journey, we will now get to see people like Mr Jones take a much safer journey in future, and that is very good news.”

Aylesbury Vale District Council’s cabinet approved the grant at their meeting on Monday night - the alteration will cost £25,946 and the money has come from the council’s New Homes Bonus kitty.