Age-old tradition provides sustainable inspiration

John Mortimer of Transition Towns on his allotment at Bourton Road,Buckingham.'120910M-C397
John Mortimer of Transition Towns on his allotment at Bourton Road,Buckingham.'120910M-C397

People in Buckingham will be shown how simple measures that are kind to the planet can be part of everyday life.

At the end of this month, the Buckingham Town Council and the Transition Town group will hold a Harvest Fair in the town centre.

It will be a reinterpretation of an age old tradition and will feature; an area to swap home grown produce, expert advice on growing, a chance to take away apple juice squeezed from fruit brought from home, and demonstrations of basket weaving and bee keeping.

John Mortimer of the Transition group hopes other people might be able to experience the same surprise he felt when last summer he realised he had not bought vegetables from a supermarket for three months after taking over an allotment. He added: “Part of the purpose of the harvest fair is to get people used to talking about sustainability without talking about it openly.

“Words like green and environment are used a lot and it’s easy for people to switch off because they’ve heard it all before.

“This is something a bit different, it’s definitely not about preaching to people. It’s about showing them something a little bit different, albeit something that has been part of our heritage for along time.

“But our lives are so busy, we used to do things that were social, relaxing and they saved money.

“If I had to use two words to describe the fair it would be creating community. It’s about getting people together to have a good day out, and them going away and talking about it with ideas in their heads.”

Mr Mortimer is urging visitors to go out and find apples for his press to show them they do not need to buy apples from the supermarket at this time of year.

Buckingham Young Farmers will also be there letting visitors get a feel of farming life on their milking machine. The popular Brackley Morris Men will also be there to entertain the crowds.

The free Harvest Fair take place between 11am and 3pm on Sunday, September 30.

To learn more about the Transation Town movement and how to prepare for a world without oil visit