All I want for Christmas is you - Aylesbury husband's heartfelt plea for help to save his beloved wife

A heartbroken husband whose wife has been denied life-extending cancer drugs on the NHS is desperately trying to fund the treatment himself so that she can spend Christmas with their 21-month-old-son.

Thursday, 1st December 2016, 2:06 pm
Updated Tuesday, 6th December 2016, 4:14 pm

Pregnant Nina Langley, was devastated in 2014 when doctors at A&E revealed her pregnancy pains were in fact bowel cancer that had spread to her liver.

The now 34-year-old was rushed for an emergency caesarean to deliver the couple’s son Teddy six weeks early so she could start life-saving treatment.

At the time Ed said: “We were so excited about becoming parents but Nina’s shocking diagnosis has overshadowed our happiness. In the space of a few weeks everything has gone from being perfect to a nightmare.

“Nina wasn’t too concerned about her rib and shoulder pain throughout her pregnancy as we were reassured it was pregnancy related.

“We only ended up in Stoke Mandeville A&E on February 8 because Nina’s pain became so unbearable that we started to worry that she might be going into early labour.

“The thought of meeting our new baby filled us with months of excitement but suddenly the experience turned into a living nightmare. We are supposed to be excited new parents but our joy has been masked by the fear of Nina’s diagnosis.”

While being the main carer for baby Teddy, and working as a musician and music teacher to make ends meet, Ed also set about on a fundraising mission to raise money for Nina to have specialist private treatment, which the couple believed would save her.

Following an initial appeal, which appeared in this newspaper, they managed to raise thousands of pounds to help save her.

They scoured the internet to find different trials and drug combinations, in a desperate bid to get their happy life back to normal.

Miraculously, and thanks to specialist treatment, Nina beat her initial prognosis and 21 months later is still battling the disease, with the support of friends and family.

Ed said: “We’ve been paying for a drug on top of the chemo that was really expensive, but eventually it stopped working.

“The drug she needs now (Regorafenib) was taken off the NHS funding for Nina’s indication due to its cost versus the few months of extra life it can provide. But it’s the only option and she desperately needs its benefit to bridge her until the brand new immunotherapy trial becomes available for her or she simply won’t get there after all this.

“Its been costing us £5,299 for just three weeks worth of tablets. We have been told that if she responds well and shows tumour shrinkage again it can be ongoing for her. We don’t have enough money left to keep paying for this so we desperately need fast donations.”

He added: “I know it’s harder for people to donate close to Christmas coming as money is tight but the only thing I want is to give my wife another chance to be here with me and our son.

“Even if she doesn’t make it to the trial next year she says she just wants to be here to watch him open his stocking on Christmas Day, and after this fight it’s the very the least my wonderful wife deserves.”

The couple, who are now married now hope that they will have more time to spend being a family, and that Nina can get onto the potentially lifesaving drug trial in the new year.

Nina was recently taken into University College London Hospital for treatment after her condition worsened.

Ed said: “Teddy is doing amazing, when Nina has been well enough I have been able to work weekends and she has looked after him. But I haven’t been able to go out and make the same amount of money to support us.

“We have been to this place before where she is really struggling, but then we have got back to dancing at our wedding and I hope we can get back to that again, Nina and Teddy are my world and we just need that chance.”

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